Workshop for "Capacity Building for Women in the Rural Economy"

AWO draws great attention to the need of Capacity Building for Women in the Rural Economy to make a significant contribution in economic growth. For that purpose, AWO h virtually training workshop from 6-8 July 2021.

The WS was carried out by Prof. Dr. Fatiha Garrouch, Director of Studies at the National Institute of Agricultural Guidance in Algeria
It aimed to enhance the capabilities and skills of rural women to improve their work in the field of rural development and to provide them with new skills to integrate gender aspects in their economic projects, as well as to raise their awareness of the use of technology in marketing their products, and to increase their awareness on climate change, management of natural resources, DRR and DRM.
It was attended by 25 participants from 7 countries(Tunisia/Iraq/Oman/Palestine/Mauritania/Yemen/Lebanon)


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