Arab Women as Main Partners in Sustainable Development

11/11/2008 to 11/13/2008

Under the auspices and chaired by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the Arab Women Organization in its third session (2007-2009)

The conference provides an opportunity for the Arab side to contribute to the formation of this concept, which is being formulated now, by informing the international side of its visions, hopes and fears with regard to the concept and what it proposes with regard to women. The conference also aims to make the most of the opportunities offered by globalization. Globalization offers a huge positive effect represented in creating a world that is increasingly interdependent day after day. Therefore, despite the increasing challenges that threaten people's security in light of globalization, this globalization itself, with its human cohesion, can provide tremendous opportunities to face these challenges. The conference also looks forward to achieving a convergence of the Arab and international sides in a dynamic dialogue aimed at translating their common interest in the concept of human security in general and women's security in particular into policies and programs of action that define the responsibilities of all parties and place on them obligations that can be applied on the ground.

At the United Nations Millennium Summit held in 2000, the idea of establishing an independent commission on human security was put forward for the first time. The commission was established in January 2001 and began its work in June of the same year. At this early stage in introducing this new concept, there was general agreement that the greatest challenge to human security is poverty. However, after about seven years of introducing the concept, and with the increasing interest in it at the level of governments, civil society, academia, and even among individuals, as well as with the explosion of many crises and setbacks since the beginning of the millennium that threaten the security of people, the concept began to expand to include many challenges and issues, perhaps from The most important of which, in addition to poverty, are armed conflicts, violence, terrorism, economic setbacks, illiteracy, epidemics... and others.

Thus, the concept was crystallized to include two broad areas, one of which deals with aspects of human insecurity resulting from conflicts and violence, and deals with the security needs of individuals who suffer from these exceptional cases. While the other field deals with the developmental aspects of human security, focusing on insecurities related to issues such as poverty, health, education and gender discrimination. Accordingly, the concept of human security now includes a main premise, which is that the achievement of people's security is crystallized by working on two parallel tracks, the first of which is the settlement of conflicts, and the second is moving forward at an accelerated pace in development activities.

The wide spectrum of issues that have come to be covered by the concept and the areas involved in working towards its realization affect women in general and Arab women in particular. Conflicts, armed conflicts, post-conflict situations, and cases of forced displacement due to conditions associated with conflicts and wars of occupation, as well as poverty, deprivation of education, illiteracy, immunodeficiency diseases, and gender discrimination are some of the issues that the concept expands and affects Arab women directly.

Hence, the centrality of the issue of human/women security becomes clear for the future work of the Arab Women Organization. On the one hand, we find that the issues involved in the concept intersect with the areas of work of the organization and with the topics and recommendations of each of the eight intellectual forums that were held within the framework of the two Arab Women’s Summits, as well as the workshops of the first conference of the Arab Women’s Organization, which are the recommendations that the organization is interested in activating through its work with women. Arabic. It becomes important for the organization to be aware of developments in the international arena with regard to issues that are considered the focus of its work with women. Moreover, the importance of the conference is evident in another aspect, if we remember the extreme importance of the ability of the Arab Women Organization to achieve success in building successful partnership and networking relations in order to accomplish its work. The conference will provide the organization with an excellent opportunity to achieve this goal, as the organization intends to have its second conference, Arab / international, in view of the participants, whether they are the authors of working papers, those invited to contribute to enriching the dialogue, or the participants in the round table.

Conference Objectives

  • Raising awareness of the dimensions of sustainable development as a concept; and regarding its priority components as essential to the preservation of rights, equality and justice among individuals and generations.
  • Formulating an Arab vision on the participation of women in sustainable development.
  • Establishing the principle of partnership by highlighting the importance of the role of Arab women.
  • Creating a framework for integrating a dimension of sustainable development, taking into account the specific needs of women in urban and rural areas, at the level of planning and programming in all development projects.
  • Confirming the commitment of the Arab Women Organization to contribute positively to achieve sustainable development, both as a goal and as a main course of action

Conference Themes


Redefining Security: From National to Human Security: How Far have Women been taken into Consideration?


Women’s Security: Culture and its Impact


Economic Globalization: How Far and in what Way has it Impacted Women’s Security?


Education and Awareness: The Effective Way to Heighten Women’s Security.


Health /Environmental Issues and Women’s Security


Women’s Security and the Impact of Social Policies


Wars, Conflicts and Women’s Human Security

Her Excellency/ Dr. Haifa Abu Ghazaleh

Her Excellency/ Lulwa Saleh Al Awadi

Her Excellency/ Sara Kanoun Garraya

Her Excellency/ Nouara Sadia Djaffar

Her Excellency/ Samia Ahmed Mohamed

Dr. Bushra Kanafani

Prof. Fadia Kiwan

The Director General of Arab Women Organization (AWO)

Professor Farkhonda Hassan

Professor Wadouda Badran

Mrs. Tahani Aljibali

Head of the Scientific Team

Dr. Bahgat Qurani

  • a session introducing the achievements of the Dubai Women Establishment
  • within the framework of the AWO youth program, a working to present the results of a field study which surveyed Attitudes of University Students toward Arab Women Human Security.
  • within the framework of cooperation between AWO and the Arab Labor Organization, a session was devoted to introducing a proposal for the establishment of " Fund for the Employment of Rural Arab Women".

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