Women's Entrepreneurship in the Arab World: Development and Leadership

2/25/2013 to 2/27/2013

This conference is addressing the issue of women entrepreneurship leadership, with the aim of enhancing women economic participation. The conference was a platform for research, studies and successful experiences of women entrepreneurs to enable women achieve greater success.

Though there are many justifications for the selection of this issue, as separate from the economic dimension and sustainable development, we shall focus only on the most important ones

First: the issue of women's entrepreneurship has been recognized, since about 15 years ago, as a significant source of economic growth, but one that is not sufficiently exploited .
Second: by being entrepreneurs, women create jobs for themselves and for others, address economic problems and take advantage of opportunities.
Third: There are many factors in the evolution of women's entrepreneurship that should be addressed politically and economically so that women participate more actively in economic development.
Fourth: Redirecting the efforts of women to the investment sectors that were restricted to them increases the weight of their role in society.

Conference Objectives

Conference Themes


Women's entrepreneurship in the fields of industry and trade


Women's entrepreneurship in the fields of education and media


Women business


Women's entrepreneurship in the fields of tourism and services


Women's entrepreneurship in the agricultural field

Her Excellency/ Dr. Haifa Abu Ghazaleh

Professor Wadouda Badran

Her Excellency/ Hala El-Ansary

Her Excellency Prof. Dr. Suhair Lutfi

Her Highness/ Soad Bin Gaaballah

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First Session: Arab Women and the Crucial Moments of Change

Session II: Women in Decision-Making Positions

Session III: Activating the Role of Women in the National Economy Trails

Session IV: Women and Peace-Building

Fifth Session: Women in the Face of Violence and Terrorism

Keynote Speakers: