On the International Day for Zero Tolerance against Female Genital Mutilation:

The Arab Women Organization stresses the need to develop mentalities and social behaviors to combat the phenomenon of female circumcision


 On the occasion of the International Day for Absolute Zero Tolerance against Female Genital Mutilation, which falls on February 6 of each year, Professor Dr. Fadia Kiwan, Director-General of AWO, made a statement in which she outlined the implications of this day politically, socially and culturally.

She explained that this day represents an annual station for a conscience stand on the issue of female circumcision, which she described as a heinous habit that was prevalent in the past and started to recede but did not disappear completely yet, and she stresses the need to have a communication station between peoples and officials in order to remind year after year of the necessity Quit this criminal act against girls and women.

She added that this day serves as a reminder that circumcision is a violent act and has dangerous effects on the woman and girl’s body and psychology.

It also pointed out that it is a day of solidarity with the victims of circumcision and to express their support for obtaining medical and psychological services that would help them overcome this incident.

She noted that this day is likewise a pause for the prick of the actors, agitators and concealers of this heinous act.

She explained that government policies in Arab countries are now more stringent in combating this phenomenon, and still need to accompany these policies by developing social mentalities and social behaviors.

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