Diploma in Gender and Governance


The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (the Arab Institute for Leadership Development) and the Arab Women Organization have the honour to announce:




As the first program in the field of gender organized by the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (the Arab Institute for Leadership Development) in cooperation with the Arab Women Organization.

The program awards a professional diploma in studies of (gender and governance) and comes in response to the development in contemporary thinking in development, which attaches great importance to issues of gender equality, and aims to achieve real development that employs all resources and meets all other needs in a way that ensures equality and justice among all members of society.



This study program aspires to qualify Arab cadres and leaders of all levels to efficiently integrate the gender perspective in the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and in addressing the responsibilities of policy-making, budgeting, administration, monitoring and evaluation within national and international institutions concerned with development issues in general.



·        Providing students with adequate knowledge about the concept of gender from a theoretical and practical point of view, focusing on its relationship to development and management issues and how it is institutionalized.

·        Informing students on how to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development from a perspective that takes into account the reality and requirements of gender in society.

·        Providing students with basic practical skills on how to put, implement and evaluate development plans, policies and programs from a gender perspective.

·        Providing students with adequate knowledge on how to develop sectoral and general budgets from a perspective that takes into account the needs and roles of both genders.


Target groups

Arab leaders at all administrative levels, cadres working or looking for working in governmental and non-governmental institutions at the national, regional and international levels, especially institutions concerned with the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and integration gender in it.


Courses (in Arabic)

The student studies 8 academic courses (24 credit hours), with 4 courses per semester, as follows:


First semester:

 * Introduction to gender.

 * Women and development challenges in the Arab region and the world.

 * Gender and the sustainable development agenda.

 * Women and leadership skills.


Second semester:

 * Management from a gender perspective

 * Gender and public policies

 * Globalization and the development of international thought on women's issues

 * Graduation Project


Teaching plan

1- Admission during June and September 2021.

2- teaching remotely (online). Academic schedules are to be announced before the start of the semester.

3- Study language: Arabic.

4- The assessment is based on participation and passing the exams for the academic courses.


Conditions and applying:

·        Obtaining a university degree (Bachelor's or Bachelor's degree) from an Arab country.

·        A scanned copy of the passport or ID card.

·        4 personal photos.

·        Completion of enrolment form for the program.


study fees

Application fee:

·        $ 50 for the Egyptians.

·        $ 130 for non-Egyptians.

One semester fees:

·        $ 1125 for the Egyptians.

·        $ 1675 for non-Egyptians.


Graduation Fee:

·        $ 200 for the Egyptians.

·        $ 300 for non-Egyptians.



* A discount of (40%) is also offered to companies, organizations and organizations for 15 students who belong to it.


·        to apply kindly complete the application form on the following link:



contact us on:

00 202 37484823/24 (141/142)


To download the diploma brochure, click here


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