Professor Kiwan Address On The Challenges Of The Covid-19 Outbreak On Arab Women And Girls

I address my words
to every woman in the Arab region who is concerned these days about the safety and security of her family,

to every woman trying to reconcile her work responsibilities outside home with domestic burdens that have been emerged due to the risk raised by Corona pandemic.

We are particularly concerned about the precarity of health services dedicated to women especially those living in camps of displaced and refugees because of wars and armed conflicts.
There are different aspects of the challenges:
-    from one side, the current crisis demonstrates the crucial role of women in supporting efforts of hygiene and sterilization in order to reduce the spread of the epidemic. Besides, the role of women in raising awareness, especially within their family, educating children and advising and mentoring teen agers and youth on basics for safety and security of the family.

-    But on the other side, these difficult circumstances may result in more violence and hostility towards women, and it is of the utmost importance that we monitor all forms of violence that may affect women in these circumstances.

This pandemic is also a catastrophe for all humanity, and since women constitute half of humanity; they have central roles in mitigating the damage, whether as doctors, nurses, or members of first aid teams, or as being working in research centers all over the world, which include many distinguished Arab women, racing the time to find a cure or vaccine for this epidemic. Along with all housewives, and women employed in the economic sector, as businesswomen or entrepreneurs facing risks at work and confronted to unstable economic situation.
Women as a part of the humanity seek to save it. For that purpose, we should strenghten our efforts to enhance their capabilities in order to increase their contribution to the process of building resilience of their societies and offering a better future for all.

I express my compassion, my solidarity and my admiration to every woman and girl in the Arab world. We, women, must be stronger to contribute more in alleviating the distress of our region, our societies and our families.

I reiterate also, our commitment in the Arab Women Organization to consider lessons from this crisis, and improve our efforts to empower women and girls and help enhancing the roles of women wherever they are in the Arab world.


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