The Eighth General Conference of the Arab Women Organization "Arab Women and Cultural Challenges"

23-25 February 2021

The Eighth General Conference of the Arab Women Organization is to be held under the patronage of His Excellency the President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Aoun, and chaired by Her Excellency Claudine Aoun, President of the Organization's Supreme Council.

The conference held the title (Arab Women and Cultural Challenges) and its activities will be organized during the period of 23-25 February 2021 with the participation of high-level officials, headed by the first ladies of the Arab member states or their representatives, and the ministers and heads of national machineries concerned with women’s issues, And public policy makers in the Arab countries, as well as representatives of international, regional and local organizations and a distinguished group of researchers, academics and experts from Arab countries.

The conference approaches women's issues from a cultural perspective, sheds light on the challenges that Arab women face due to the stereotypes rooted in the societal culture about the status and roles of women. The conference research studies the relevant cultural discourses, on top of which is the feminist discourse. It also focuses on highlighting the manifestations of the heritage / modernity problematic on the image and social conditions of women. The conference also discusses the role of public policies, legal and economic frameworks in combating stereotypical culture and allowing women to overcome the restrictive influences of traditional culture and positively engage in the development of society.

The conference included 25 scientific papers prepared by distinguished researchers and experts from Arab countries, including: the Kingdom of Jordan, the Republic of Tunisia, the Republic of Algeria, the Republic of Iraq, the Sultanate of Oman, the State of Palestine, the Republic of Lebanon, the State of Libya, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Morocco And the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

The conference, which is to be held virtually and with live broadcast on social media, is divided into five main topics, as follows:
The first topic entitled : Arab women throughout the length of tradition and modernity: Between confrontation and reconciliation
The second is: Arab women in the midst of literary and artistic production and mechanisms of socialization
The third: The economic role of women in sustainable development and the elimination of poverty and marginalization
The fourth: Arab women between citizenship, government policies and civil struggles, and the dissemination of gender culture: various and intersecting Arab tracks
The fifth is: The contribution of women to strengthening the resilience of society and the land


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