The second workshop in the field of "Strengthening Negotiation and Communication skills"

Following the success of the first workshop on Strengthening Negotiation and Communication skills, which was held from 16 to 19 November 2020 via Zoom, targeting young women diplomats to strengthen their knowledge of legal texts and international agreements related to women's issues,

AWO will hold the second workshop on "Negotiations Skills for Young Diplomats on Arab-Euro Migration and Displacement" from 8-11 March 2021, with the focus on advocacy, negotiation, and migration issues between the Arab world and the European Union. Renowned Ambassadors from Ministries of Foreign Affairs and International experts will lecture to enrich the participants' knowledge and practical skills at the same time. The 25 participants represent Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Libya.


The Workshop will discuss the following issues:


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