In Light of the 16 day campaign of Combating Violence Against Women:

AWO holds a seminar on "Mechanisms of Fighting violence against women"


In solidarity with the 16-day international campaign against violence against women, which is colored orange symbolized under the slogan "color of the world Orange”, the Arab women Organization is launching the fourth phase of the A-B project on women's rights in Arab legislation, and the second edition of the regional analytical study of the project "Illuminating Signs in the Arab Judiciary" on December 3, 2017. The program of the seminar also includes theater performances by Arab teams on combating violence against women.
 “The Arab Women Organization (AWO) attaches great importance to the issue of combating violence against women and has devoted one of its programs to addressing this issue through various tools, including regional strategies against women's community violence, as well as violence during armed conflict," said Ambassador Mervat Tallawy, AWO’s Director-General. Tallawy added that these efforts also include the legal empowerment of women through Project A. B. Women's Rights in Arab Legislation, the fourth stage of this project is in the field of civil rights, and the project of women's human rights: bright signs in the judgments of the Arab judiciary.
The idea of the A-B project on women's rights in Arab legislation is to create an electronic database that includes a wide and flexible range of questions in specific legal areas, such as personal status and family law, labor laws and social security, political rights and other areas of questions in order to raise women's awareness and legal empowerment. The database responds to the questions raised in each field and in light of the prevailing laws in the Arab countries.
"Illuminating Signs in the Arab Judiciary" is to highlight the provisions and judicial decisions issued in the field of the protection of women's human rights in the Arab countries, which are provisions and judicial decisions that came from the premise of the rights of women and the principle of equality and non-discrimination against them. The first edition of the study Regional analysis of project results was issued in 2013.

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