The Arab Women Organization holds a symposium entitled "Facing the exclusion of women and girls in the Arab region" at the Cairo International Book Fa


 The (AWO) will hold a symposium entitled "Facing the Exclusion of Women and girls in the Arab Region" As part of the culture events of the Cairo International Book Fair at its fiftieth session on Sunday, January 27, 2019.

The symposium aims to open an interactive dialogue with opinion leaders and senior writers to explain the importance of the effective participation of Arab women in the process of developing her society in all political, economic, social and cultural fields.

The symposium comes as a part of attention of AWO for issues of integration of women and girls in the public domain and in the development process in the Arab region, especially targeting those who suffer from marginalization, for example women and girls who live in rural and remote areas and the victims of armed conflicts, refugees and displaced women and their children.

The symposium will discuss a number of topics including economic exclusion, and how to face it, and political exclusion and policies to promote the presence of women in political life.

It was attended by a number of writers, diplomats, academics, media professionals and public figures.

It is worth mentioning that the symposium, holds in the cultural events of the 50th (Golden Jubilee) of the 2019 Cairo International Book Fair, and the Arab League will be the guest of honor for this session.

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