Dr. Fadia Kiwan, Director-General of AWO, calls for:

Dismantling stereotypes to promote the status of women at the international symposium entitled: "Arab women is support of peace, stability, security a


 On 9 February 2019, the Director General of AWO, Dr. Fadia Kiwan, gave a speech at the International Symposium entitled "Arab women is support of peace, stability, security and development" in Paris. The event was organized by the Ministry of Women, Family, Childhood and the seniors in Tunisia, in cooperation with the Embassy of Tunisia in France, UN Women, the International Organization of the Francophone, the Union for the Mediterranean and the League of Arab States. 

In her speech, Dr Kiwan called for the need to dismantle prevailing gender stereotypes.

She pointed out that this symposium was to emphasize the cultural openness and deepen knowledge towards the other and eliminate the historical misunderstanding, which produced negative and hostile images among the people, and to promote dialogue and exchange of experiences in the fields related to the advancement of the situation of women to achieve peace.

It is worth noting that this symposium aimed to present experiences from different Arab countries in the field of raising the challenges of peace, stability, security and development, and providing the pioneering role of Arab women especially in rural areas in achieving development.

About 250 people participated in the symposium, including ministers, deputies, representatives of the League of Arab States, the international Organization of Francophone, businesswomen, representatives of international organizations, civil society, diplomats, experts and academics.

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