Launch of the educational session On "Women’ issues and Gender in the Arab Region" in Hurghada


 The session was opened by Dr. Fadia Kiwan, Director-General of AWO, she welcomed the participants and explained the topics of the session and its importance, as AWO is concerned with defining the importance of women's issues in the Arab region. Dr Kiwan  also talked about the emergence of AWO and the role of Arab first ladies and their support for it.

In the first session of the educational seminar, Dr. Hind Moustafa, Head of the Research and Publishing Unit at AWO, presented a paper entitled "Arab Women's Movement in light of International mobility on Women's Issues"

She spoke about the emergence of women's awareness in the Arab region beginning in the end of the 19th century, and its crystallization in the form of intellectual theses, articles, speeches, political struggle and reform by a number of Arab women symbols. She also highlighted the participation of Arab women delegates in international conferences since 1923.

In the second session, Dr. Kiwan made a presentation on gender theory and related concepts, discussed the meaning of gender, the reality of gender relations in the Arab region, and discrimination against women in different locations. She also spoke about the role of AWO to promote women rights.

It is worth mentioning that AWO held this educational session in Hurghada, Egypt on 15 and 16 May 2019.


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