The closing session of "Development of women’s issues and gender in the Arab region and the role of Arab Women Organization”


 Today AWO concluded the educational session on "The development of women's issues and gender in the Arab region and the role of the Arab Women Organization" with a Presentation by Ms. Amal Munib from the Planning and Programs Department on the current work programs of the AWO for the 2019 Agenda. Ms. Munib explained the components of the agenda and its philosophy based on the concept that AWO is the house of knowledge and the house of expertise, and platform to present the voice of Arab women in all regional and international forums.

She also explained the most important programs of action, including: the economic empowerment of women, the Women, Peace and Security Program, the elimination of violence against women, Education for Tomorrow a program for children and youth, and the building of databases and other programs

The second session consisted of a workshop for participants where the participants were divided into three teams, discussing the answers to two questions: What are the most important priority issues for Arab women and the role of joint Arab action in finding a solution to these issues? And the second question, Do you think there is a need for a ministry for women? Then the outputs of the work of each team were presented for brainstorming and discussion.

At the end of the educational session, Dr. Fadia kiwan the director-general of AWO presented a final speech and distributed certificates to the participants.

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