Arab Women Organization:

Greeting Message to Arab woman on her Day


 On the occasion of Arab Women Day, corresponding to the first of February of each year, AWO extends a greeting of appreciation to the struggling and steadfast Arab women in the face of the effects and repercussions of the major transformations and crises in the Arab region, Women are the creators of change and the major contribution to the development of Arab societies, and Women have the most remarkable accomplishments in every field of human activity, politics, economics, information, literature, sports, science and technology..etc.

She also heads to the Arab girl, who complements the historical march of the struggle of Arab women.

The truth is that AWO pays special attention to the two categories of childhood and youth, believing from the organization that the real change of societal culture towards equality and the rejection of discrimination and stereotyping starts from childhood, family upbringing, school and culture.

AWO chose to celebrate Arab Women Day this year with the slogan (leader and role model) to celebrate the leading Arab woman in her site, whether it is the flags of contemporary women, or the Contemporary Arab women and from the exceptional heroines who may, have fallen from the collective memory of our societies as a result of cultural stereotyping that does not usually link between Heroism and femininity, as well as the heroines of every day who struggle with satisfaction to fulfill the demands of their families, children and work.

Every woman in her position is a leader who multitask with the responsibilities carries with love, and every woman is the role model with the deepest influence in the lives of all those around her without noise.

Greetings and appreciation to the Arab leader and role model.


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