Tomorrow, Arab Women Organization workshop:

"Combating the stereotype of women in Arab culture"


 AWO holds a workshop entitled "The role of Art and Media in combating stereotypes of Women in Arab Culture" in Cairo tomorrow, Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

Twenty Arab innovators participate in the workshop and Their specializations range from culture, art, media, literature and political science.

The workshop aims to exchange views and experiences on the most important gender issues reflected in art and media in the Arab world, It also raises some thorny issues related to Arab women.

The workshop also witnesses successful experiences in expressing women's issues or dealing with social roles in a way that fights discrimination, In addition to studying the opportunities and challenges faced by those involved in the creative process in the Arab world in their work to combat gender discrimination.

The workshop also seeks to try to create the nucleus of an association interested in creating (creativity against discrimination).

In this context, the workshop tries to reach a common ground, starting from practical recommendations.

It is worth mentioning that AWO adopts a comprehensive program that aims at combating negative stereotypes about women
And combating gender discrimination in Arab societies.
In this context, AWO opens bridges that connect with cultural content makers in the Arab countries, and it started with cultural products directed to children, and adopted literary production for children that combating stereotypes about women and girls.
Through this workshop, AWO will complete what it started in this context by communicating with creators and specialists in women's issues and its image presented through various media and creative arts in all its forms.

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