Under the Auspices of Her Excellency Mrs. Claudine Aoun President of AWO Supreme Council. AWO holds the first round of the Arab -Japanese Youth Dialo

"The Role of Youth in Combating Negative Stereotypes Against Women in the Society"


AWO is pleased to announce the launching of a Japanese-Arab Youth Dialogue discussing women's issues in cultural, social and political fields in both Arab and Japanese cultures. The dialogue should be conducted on the 7th of December 2020. his dialogue comes out through close coordination and cooperation between the AWO, UN Women, and the Government of Japan. The dialogue will be held virtually, includes about 40 young men and women, including 20 representatives from the Arab side from various member states of AWO (members of the Permanent Advisory Committee for Arab Youth of the AWO) and 20 young men and women nominated by the government of Japan. It is planned that the dialogue will be held in two rounds, the first one is to be held in December 2020 and the second in February 2021. Within the framework of the strategic objective of AWO represented in combating negative stereotypes against women in society, it was planned that this topic would be the focus of discussion in the first round of the dialogue which will be holding under the auspices of her excellency Mrs. / Claudine Aoun, President of AWO's Supreme Council (2019- 2021) and entitled "The Role of Youth in Combating Negative Stereotypes Against Women in Society". The dialogue will discuss the following questions: What are the traditional roles assigned to women in your society? Are these roles challenged by newer generations? Do you believe that social media has an impact in changing negative gender stereotypes? If so, how? In your opinion, what can contribute in challenging and combating gender inequality in the society? The dialogue will be conducted in the English language and will be moderated by Aziza Nait from Morocco. and will be held via the Zoom app on December 7, 2020, at 11 pm Cairo time.

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