The Arab Women Organization celebrates its 10th round of the Supreme Council presidency (2021-2023)


 On Sunday, July 11, 2021, the Arab Women Organization celebrated the ceremony of handing over the presidency of the organization’s Supreme Council from the Republic of Lebanon, represented by Her Excellency Mrs. Claudine Aoun, President of the National Committee for Lebanese Women’s Affairs, to the State of Libya, represented by Her Excellency Minister Huria Khalifa El Tarmal, Minister of State for Libyan Women’s Affairs. 

The celebration ceremony was inaugurated by Dr. Fadia Kiwan, Director-General of the Arab Women Organization, who gave a speech in which she thanked Mrs. Claudine Aoun for the efforts she made during the Lebanese presidency of the Supreme Council of the organization assuring the important role she played in organizing the eighth general conference of the organization held last February under her presidency. 
Dr. Kiwan also welcomed the presidency of the State of Libya to the Supreme Council of the Organization represented by Her Excellency Minister Huria Khalifa Al-Tarmal.
Dr. Fadia Kiwan pointed out that the establishment of the Arab Women Organization constituted a major step in coordinating efforts to support Arab women. She also explained that women and girls were direct targets in armed conflicts, and were victims of the repercussions of those conflicts, including displacement, attacks, acts of violence, and sometimes crimes that deserve to be described as war crimes.
In this regard, Dr. Kiwan assured that the organization is committed to supporting the efforts of Arab governments to empower women and girls in all fields, especially in the economic, political, educational, and legislative fields, and that the organization can coordinate between Arab countries that have experienced wars and conflicts to develop special programs to integrate women and girls into developing policies, suggesting that the Arab group, led by the State of Libya, may submit a proposal to be issued by the Security Council or by the General Assembly of the United Nations in this regard.
In the speech of His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Ahmed Nayef Rashid Al-Dulaimi, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the League of Arab States, His Excellency affirmed that Iraq has been supporting women, especially those that face many difficulties as a result of terrorism, and pointed to what Yazidi women have been exposed to, explaining that Iraq was able, with the help of Arab countries, to overcome this ordeal and enter the stage of investment and development. He also stressed that women are always at the forefront in facing crises.

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