Under the patronage of HE Mrs. Claudine Aoun - President of the National Commission for Lebanese Women

Training Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming in Mediation and Peace Negotiation

Beirut, 18th -20th October 2021,


Under the patronage of Her Excellency Mrs. Claudine Aoun, President of the National Commission for Lebanese Women, Member of the Supreme Council of the Arab Women Organization; The Arab Women Organization, in cooperation with UN Women, will hold a training workshop on " Gender Mainstreaming in Mediation and Peace Negotiation", from 18-20 October 2021 in Beirut - Lebanon.
The state in the post-conflict phase, from, in.
28 trainees representing official bodies and civil society organizations from Iraq - Sudan - Palestine - Libya - Lebanon will participate in the training workshop, which will be guided by the training manual prepared by the organization on the participation of women in peace process in the Arab world.

As some Arab countries are witnessing build and maintain peace processes; The Arab Women Organization believes in the importance of women’s participation in those negotiations, in their various stages, before and during and in the post-conflict processes, in order to drawing attention to women's expertise and experiences in this field, as well as integrating and overcoming their special needs, also to change The traditional stereotype  of women as victims of conflict into is a major post-conflict actor.
The workshop aims to build the capacities of women in the fields of mediation, peace negotiations and arrangements, and targets women in official bodies and civil society organizations.
This workshop is part of a series of training courses and workshops held by the organization in cooperation with the UN Women, since 2016, to raise the capabilities of Arab women in national machineries and non-governmental organizations working in the field of women's issues, in order to mainstreaming gender into the fields of mediation, peace negotiations and arrangements.

The main objectives of the workshop:

  • Increase the knowledge of the trainees about how women should participate in peace negotiations and mainstreaming gender in mediation processes.
  • Explain the main factors that support women's participation in mediation.
  • Enhance the trainees' skills in negotiation, mediation and communication.

The main themes:
The workshop should cover the following topics:

  • Mainstreaming gender in mediation and peace negotiations.
  • Legal references to women's participation in peace and mediation processes (UN Resolution 1325).
  • Means and forms of women's participation in mediation and peace negotiation processes.
  • Effective mediation and negotiation skills and techniques.

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