Message of the Arab Women Organization on the occasion of International Women's Day 2023


On International Women's Day, the Arab Women Organization (AWO) extends its sincere greetings and appreciation to all women and girls in the Arab region, and reiterates their contributions and multiple roles in their families, work and communities as a whole.

Arab Women Organization also stresses that Arab women carry enormous potentials for development and for supporting stability, security and societal peace, and these energies still need to be opened wide through pro advocacy culture that trusts women and their abilities and accepts their existence and full participation on an equal base in the public sphere and in all decision-making processes. There is still a need to complete all legislations that guarantees women's rights and protects them from all forms of discrimination and violence, there is also a huge need to adopt public policies based on a clear vision of the roles and needs of girls and women, policies considering the “gender sensitivity’; policies aiming at enhancing the capabilities and skills of women in various fields and specially in the digital field.

Finally, AWO salute women who are fighting for freedom, equality, human rights and dignity, for security, stability and the cohesion of societies, for those who struggle against the occupation and those who struggle to maintain the continuity of life in difficult conditions, in the prisons of the occupation and in the refugee and displacement camps.

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