Seminar on "Arab Women: Past, Present and Future" ,Cambridge September 19-20,2006

This seminar was held from 19- 20 September 2005, at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, under the auspices of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, spouse of the King of Bahrain, and President of the Organization during its second session (2005 -2007), under the title "Arab Women: Past, Present and Future". During the seminar, papers were presented by a group of Arab thinkers and specialists in the thematic issues. The sessions' moderators and discussants were eminent British professors; in order to have a western perspective on the themes of the seminar, and to achieve a related positive interaction.
Topics of the Seminar :


  • Women in the ancient civilizations of the region: the objective of this topic is to explain that current actions for the advancement of women do not merely echo external claims, but they are supported by a deeply rooted heritage of the civilizations of this region.
  • Woman in Islam: the objective of this topic is to respond to Western queries regarding Islam, generally perceived as the reason for the deteriorated conditions of Arab women compared to men. Further, to clarify Islam's teachings regarding women and how they are honored.
  • The recent achievements of women compared to the Millennium developmental goals and the resolutions of the Beijing Conference.
  • Women in Arab Legislations: This topic aims at clarifying the position of women in Arab legislations, the efforts exerted for amending such legislations and bridging the gap between text and reality.
  • The existing obstacles and constraints that are regarded as stumbling blocks to the advancement of women, and attempts made to overcome them in the official and civil society sectors along with an action plan for the future.
Downlod the book"Arab Women: Past, Present & Future"