Survey Studies

The Survey Studies Project aims at surveying projects and programs that target women in the fields of interest of AWO in member States.

Project objectives :
  • Support and promote the efficiency of the programs and projects targeting the empowerment of women in the various fields of interest of AWO.
  • Identify the programs and projects implemented in the field of the research in each Member State, and identify the goals achieved by those programs and the goals which they failed to achieve. This would help avoid past deficiencies and benefit from successful experiences.
  • Identify the programs under implementation to avoid duplication of efforts whether in terms of entire programs or phases already implemented.
  • Identify the obstcles faced by the programs in order to avoid them or to find solutions during formulation of new programs.
  • Identify the fields in which coordination and cooperation could be activated, as well as exchange of experience between member States during the stages of program design and implementation.
  • Identify the programs that could be adopted by AWO to empower women in the field of the survey whether regionally or in a particular Arab State in the form of a pilot project that could be replicated in other Arab States.
Phases of Project Implementation :
The project comprises four main phases:
  • Phase I : Survey the projects/programs for Arab women in the fields of Education, Health, Economy and Media.
  • Phase II: Survey the projects/programs for Arab women in the Political field.
  • Phase III: Survey the projects/programs for Arab women in the Legal field.
  • Phase IV: Survey the projects/programs for Arab women in the Social field.

Each phase ends with agreement between the participating experts on: The priority fields which AWO should focus on; Women sectors which should be targeted in its projects; The most important areas in which coordination and cooperation could be activatted between member States. Participants also discuss the national and regional projects proposed by the experts.

An analysis of the findings of the surveys achieved was undertaken by AWO. This is published in a report which discusses the reasons of success and the elements of failure of women projects aiming at drawing the right path towards women empowerment,This report is translated into english (click here to download the book"Projects of Arab Women Empowerment : Current Status and Prospects for the Future").

Studies and the Regional Reports are available in Arabic.