Reaching-Out to the International Community

The distorted image of Arab women is considered one of the most important factors for the negative images prevailing in the West about Arabs. There are hardly any forums or dialogues between Arab and Westerners that do not address the conditions of Arab women as a priority issue. Arabs attending the forums observe not only the curiosity of their Western colleagues regarding Arab women, but also their inclination to change the negative image of Arab women once they receive correct information that objectively reflects the reality of Arab women, their achievements and obstacles facing them. One of the most important ways to change the stereotypical image of Arab women in Western minds is to approach the Western society directly to correct the misconceptions and misperceptions. This could be achieved by simply transferring direct and accurate information allowing the exchange of thoughts and views and providing the opportunity for questions and answers.

Therefore, the concept of the program is founded on: building bridges of communication and dialogue with other cultures regarding women issues to learn about the various experiences and to exchange expertise, and to transfer a balanced and accurate image of Arab women to the outside world.

Project implementation mechanisms include lectures on Arab women in some of the most prominent foreign universities, in addition to holding symposia hosting experts and concerned parties to discuss women issues.

Program Objectives :
  1. To improve the negative image of Arab women in western minds, in academic forums and among intellectuals.
  2. To create a vivid and objective dialogue between Arab and Western intellectuals on women issues.
  3. To increase knowledge of the west intellectuals regarding the situation of women in various civilizations since the dawn of history in the region.
  4. To provide knowledge to an important sector of Westerns about the true teachings of Islam on women.
  5. To provide knowledge to an important sector of Westerns about the current reality of Arab women, both the positive and negative aspects.
Program Activities :

Within this program , AWO has organized a number of activities including the following :


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