Training Workshops on the Principles of Management and Evaluation of Projects targeting Women

These workshops were conducted in response to the outputs and recommendations included in the report: "Status and Future of Projects Aiming at the Advancement of Arab Women" which revealed that the most important challenges that projects targeting women face in the Arab countries are poor management and lack of scientific evaluation. The workshops were directed to those involved in women’s projects from governmental and non-governmental organizations of the Member States. Each workshop consists of two parts, the first to provide information and knowledge on the subject matter and the second devoted to training trainers(TOT). So far, four workshops were conducted.

  • The First Workshop was held in Cairo. The first part took place from 12-16 April 2009, and the second (TOT) was held from 24-28 January 2010.  
  • The Second Workshop was also held in Cairo. The first part took place from 28 March to 1 April 2010, and the second (TOT) from 23-27 January 2011.
  • The Third Workshop: The first part was held in Luxor from 17-21 April 2011, and the second (TOT) in Cairo from 8-12 January 2012.
  • The Fourth Workshop: The first part took place in Cairo from 8 to 12 April 2012, and the second (TOT) from 20-24 January 2013.